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Gary Young

2022 marks Gary Young’s 20th year with Odyssey, and the man is aging like fine wine. This new Forever Young video is proof. 10 minutes of classic Gary on every terrain. Sit back and enjoy!

Filmed in California, Arizona, and Philadelphia.

Video by Zach Krejmas.
Art by Dave Fortman.
Thumbnail Photo by Scott Marceau.

RVA Getaway

RVA GETAWAY – Summertime in Richmond Virginia with the crew. DIY’s, trails, classic local spots and good times, so click play and enjoy. Featuring Tom Dugan, Gary Young, Justin Spriet, Corey Walsh and Preston Okert.

Video by Zach Krejmas.
Edit by Scott Marceau.

Perris Benegas
Welcome to Pro Team

Odyssey BMX is proud to welcome Perris Benegas to the pro team! Whether she’s ripping around a concrete park or at a big stage event, Perris is one of our favorites to watch and fits right at home with our crew. We’re stoked to have her on board and look forward to getting things rolling.

Bethany Hedrick
The Bloom Interview

The Bloom BMX sat down with Bethany Hedrick and threw some questions her way. Click play to learn more about one of our newest flow riders.

Dennis Enarson

Catch up with Dennis Enarson and learn about his switch to Odyssey on the latest UNCLICKED. Enjoy!

Matt Nordstrom

4 minutes of Matt Nordstrom from the recent F-IT ALL video. All the tech you can ask for you.


Zach Krejmas
Kanode Knows Podcast

Zach Krejmas sits down with Bobby Kanode for the latest Kanode Knows podcast. Click play to learn more about our in-house videographer/TM, and talented bike rider as well.

D.O.T.S. 2022 w/ Aaron Ross

For Don Of The Streets 2022, we sent Aaron Ross to be our man on the ground. We armed him with a microphone and set him loose in the city! This event provides plenty of entertainment, so sit back and enjoy the various interviews, some assorted riding and general craziness.

Video by Zach Krejmas

Additional footage courtesy of Dig BMX

Corey Walsh
Repentance Part

Corey has been cruising all over North America for the last year riding any pool, park or bizarre obstacle along the way. We’re stoked to present Corey’s first Odyssey part, so hit play for a taste of what he got into.

Filmed by Josh Clemens.

Justin Spriet

Check out Justin Spriet in the latest F-IT ALL video. Enjoy!