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Odyssey x QBP at The Wheel Mill and Ray’s

With the help of our favorite US distributor QBP, we took Odyssey’s top ramp riders – Tom Dugan, Gary Young, Justin Spriet, Broc Raiford, and Preston Okert – to two of the best indoor parks in the country, the Wheel Mill and Ray’s. Naturally, with these guys ripping those parks, we came back with a killer video. Enjoy!

Adam & Brian

Congrats to Adam Banton and Brian Miller for getting 4th place at this year’s Odd Couple’s contest! Their edit’s above and it’s cut to a fun song and full of creative lines. If you were to imagine what ramp heaven would be like, it’s a safe bet to say it’d look a lot like Ray’s MTB.

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The Odd Couple:
Taj and Jeff

Ray’s MTB Park held an “Odd Couple” contest last week and Taj Mihelich, along with Jeff Lenosky, wound up taking second place. To check out some behind the scenes photos, make sure to visit The Blog of Taj.