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Mike Aitken:
Perspective 002

The Diggest crew put together this wonderful piece on Mike Aitken, a truly inspirational human being. Don’t miss this. Sit back and enjoy!

From his riding to his brain injury recovery, everything shows that he was a true model of strength, willpower and style. Discover a video portrait that pays tribute to one of the most stylish and influential rider of his generation.

– The Diggest

Matthias Dandois:
Line #1

The Diggest has a new video series called Line and here’s episode 1 featuring Matthias Dandois and Maxime Charvron.

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Matthias Dandois:
Vans X TheDiggest in NYC

Vans teamed up for the very first time with The Diggest for their first project in the USA by bringing Matthias Dandois, Alex Valentino and Kevin Kalkoff together in NYC. Here’s a video documenting their few weeks in the big apple.

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