James Hitchcox bike check

Bling Bling

Damn, James has style…..

frame-Standard 250s with gyro tabs welded on (black paint with gold metallic flake)
fork– Custom Odyssey race fork w/990’s
bars– Civilian
stem– Elementary w/tabs 18 carrot gold, ti bolt
headset– solid needle roller bearing
gyro– Odyssey GTX-R
levers– Odyssey Monolever(front,rear)
saddle– Odyssey Marcell (kevlar)
seatpost– Ti Alone
clamp– Odyssey Mr. Clampy 18 carrot gold
rims– Odyssey Duralectra black
F hub– G sport marmoset ti bolts
R hub– Odyssey cassette rear 36 rhd(ti axle and nuts/ 10 t driver)
spokes– Alone
sprocket– Super star prototype
cranks– Odyssey 41 thermal cranks 18 carrot gold(ti axle,ti bolts)
chain– Standard byke co
pedals– Odyssey JC mag sealed
brakes– Odyssey evolvers 18 carrot gold
Brake plate– home made
pads– Odyssey 1×4
tires– Odyssey Frequency G (20×1.85) back/ path (20×2.1) Front
pegs– 4 Odyssey Ti Pegs
cable– Odyssey short G3 upper/Brakeline 1.8 front/linearlower
grips– Odyssey team
barends– Odyssey barcaps 18 carrot gold
Ti bolts-SGP (levers,stem,evolvers,marmoset,post,clamp,cranks,chain tugs,london mod)

Thanks to Tim Byrne for the spray job,Des John at micro finishers for the gold plateing,Steve Green for the Ti bolts, SBCDESTROY, ODYSSEY, PADDED CELL.YEAH!