Ride for the Roses

I went to Austin, TX this weekend and participated in the Lance Armstrong Foundations, Ride for the Roses. I rode to raise money for cancer research and awareness. Its pretty amazing to ride with so many people, for the same reason. Riding along with people with a “survivor” sign on thier back is pretty intense also. go to for more info.

Empire is loaded with Odyssey Stuff. Go there if you are in Austin.
Thanks Tom and Caleb.

For some reason I couldn’t sleep at all before the ride. I went to sleep at 2:30 and woke up at 4:30 for the ride at 7. Its still dark out.

There were 7000 people riding. Here is a small portion.

I had to buy that helmet, it matched my bike. Matte Black
Almost rode with a Protec.

Zep and I.

This just needs to be seen. Check out the cranks on the third seat back. The family that rides together…