Eastside Mags

New issues of Ride BMX and Ride UK are hitting the magazine stands and here’s a preview of what you could be flipping through if you weren’t so darn technologically inclined. Take a peek and then check them out in their enhanced, real-life, 3D versions. Also, there’s a bonus Bouncing Souls video on the other side of the train tracks (read more link)!

Picasso style ramps at the X-Games warehouse (RideBMX:p.66)

Ever wonder where all of those ramps from the X-Games end up? Well, they keep them locked up in a warehouse, stacked up like crazy into a scene that somewhat resembles an Esher or a Picasso. Taj Mihelich, Gary Young, Matt Beringer and Kurt Rasmusson gives them a visit in the latest Ride BMX issue. The pictures in the article are wild.

Aaron Ross in a pretty sweet Sunday ad (RideBMX:p.43)

Matt Beringer sequence from his playground (RideBMX:p.56)

Gary Young in a power wheelie sequence? Probably not… (RideBMX:p.61)

Gary and Aaron grow out afros? (RideUK:p.82)

Mike Taylor, role model (RideUK:p.57)

Bouncing Souls: Eastside Mags. Lyrics below so you can sing along!!!


Ride! Ride! Ride!….
comin’ out through the park
past the dog run smell of shit
burning in the sun
watch the cab dent his door
happy hour here let’s pick up jorge
lock ’em up three cold beers in a cup

Inside Coney something ain’t right
too many people on a friday night
i can’t see straight in the flashing lights
i got a feeling there’s gonna be a fight
wrap it up, pack it up saddle up
full tank of liqour in our guts

Drinkem down we gotta a ride
going through the lower east side
day or night mags on the run
looking for trouble
looking for fun
BMX we got suss
when we ride don’t mess with us