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Texas Toast Jam:
Toast Vans now for Sale

We teamed up with Vans to create 100 custom limited edition pairs of “Authentics” for this year’s Texas Toast Jam. These “Toast” Vans were only available during the event, which successfully went down on October 13-14.

If you missed out on these, now is your chance to grab some for a good cause. We have a very small amount left in various sizes available now, with 100% of the proceeds going to ARF (The Athlete Recovery Fund). ARF provided medical staff for this years Texas Toast Jam and has helped many riders with health care in their time of need.

These are the LAST Texas Toast Jam shoes in the world, so take advantage of this extremely limited offer. Your purchase not only lands you some sweet and rare Vans, but shows you support BMX and its riders too.

Texas Toast Jam Vans shoes are available HERE.

Thank you.

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Texas Toast Jam:
ARF Medical Staff

This year, the Athlete Recovery Fund is providing the Texas Toast Jam with medical staff. We’re proud to have some great medics on hand just “in case” and want to thank A.R.F. for the help. Of course we hope their services are not needed in any way, but as we all know injuries are a part of BMX. Lately it seems like there has been FAR too many head injuries. The Odyssey family alone has had more then its fair share of severe head trauma. A.R.F. produced a quick and eye opening video on “skate” helmets and actually show the helmet Brett Banasiewicz was wearing from his recent coma inducing crash.

Texas Toast Jam and our partner sponsor Bell Helmets strongly urge all Toast participants to take a close look at their helmets. Make sure you bring a good one that is actually designed for bike riding.

Here’s a few words from the Athlete Recovery Fund on helmets:

The Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF) has seen a sharp spike in head injury in the past four years in BMX. With the latest injury to Brett Banasiewicz awareness is at an all time high. There is a positive that can come from Brett’s injury and that is to eliminate soft foam helmets from competition. These types of helmets are not approved to be sold in bicycle stores nor are they allowed to be marketed towards bicycle use. Testing methods show that an EPS foam helmet can offer three times the protection that a soft foam helmet can offer. Why are these helmets allowed in professional competition where the risks are greater than anywhere else?

ARF is working with Dew Tour, X Games, ASA and Texas Toast to help create a rule that will be enforceable with a consequence of not being able to compete with the wrong helmet. This will encourage manufactures to use the technology they have to create a helmet with better fit, comfort and styling for professional competition. Helmets will be carefully inspected and receive a pass or fail. ARF is working with several brands to make sure that options are available at the contest should your helmet get a fail.

For a direct comparison of EPS foam versus soft foam helmets watch this one minute video.

Taj interviews ARF

Athlete Recovery Fund

The Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF) continues to be a generous help to numerous professional athletes who have found themselves under the gun of piling medical bills. Their list includes the likes of many talented BMX riders such as Mike Aitken, Stephen Murray, Jimmy Levan and recently, Taj Mihelich.

To help spread the word about their ’cause, Taj decided to interview ARF’s insurance consultant, Amanda Savage. She helped Taj take a bill that was over 40K and dwindle it down to $6700! Read the interview.

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