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A Session @EmpireBMX

What do you get when you put Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk, Jim Bauer and Tom Dugan on the Empire Ramp? You get lots of action and the video above. Enjoy!

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Empire BBQ at T1

Etnies put together this nice edit of a BBQ sesh over at T1. There are lot of big names in this one and even loftier airs to boot. Joe Rich, Chase Hawk, Morgan Wade, Tom Dugan and a handful of other shredders session the ramp until the clouds come and rain starts to pour.

Chase Hawk @ Empire

Check out this clip of Chase Hawk from Empire! Video clip from Olive Juuuuice!

That guy’s good!

During one of Nuno’s last nights here in ATX, we had a session over at the Empire Ramp. Aaron Ross was killing it as usual and for proof, Nuno put together this one clip edit.