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Have you guys seen the new Empire Trailer over at Defgrip? Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross and Tom Dugan all have some gnarly wrecks in it and you can tell they’ve been putting in some serious time and effort into having dialed sections. Mark your calendars – 11/11/11 is the new Rapture.

Texas Toast Jam:
Curved Wall

The Empire Curved Wallride is fully constructed! Check out this quick clip of a practice run Empire posted on Twitter.

Game of BIKE:
Aaron VS. Chase

Head over to Defgrip to check out a game of B.I.K.E. between Chase Hawk and Aaron Ross.

Aaron Hits the Cement

Empire just dropped this new edit of Aaron Ross hitting up a few concrete parks. In case you guys didn’t know, Aaron keeps a different bike for each skatepark that he rides. Orange Soda for Round Rock and the Picnic Bike for Marble Falls.

In other Aaron news, check out this ESPN article on what makes someone a pro in BMX. On and off the bike, Aaron’s a perfect example.

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Dugan on Empire

Tom @ Empire just sent us an e-mail letting us know that Tom Dugan is now officially on the Empire stunter crew. Considering they don’t add new riders to their team very often, this is pretty big news. Plus, it also means that Dugan’s going to have lots of clips in their upcoming video as well! Here’s what Tom had to say about Dugan:

ahhhh, Mr Dugan. we only met this wildman in the last few years, but he has proven to be an interesting dude, and we dig him. plus, anyone that comes highly recommended by Joe Rich automatically gets the seal of approval from us. easy as, as they say. yeah yeah, you have heard all about the water thing, Dr Pepper, etc. the only liquid we require that he bathe in is the sweat that comes from filming with Diamond Dave, and Dugan has been taking care of business on that front, 100%. Tom gets support from Terrible One, Odyssey, and Etnies. holler at Cody Nutter for the sequence.

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Empire x VClub

On Sunday, Sunday, Sunday; there’s going to be a contest put on by Empire BMX and VClub at the Ramp Ranch skatepark in Texas. We donated a bunch of stuff, so if you think you have the $kilLZ, head over there and bmx boogie.

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Underwater w/Aaron Ross

Looks like it’s starting off to be an Aaron Ross week. Empire just dropped their latest web video and it has him pulling whips both ways and diving into pools.

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Empire Jam!

Empire held a Jam a couple weeks ago to celebrate life, their new ramp and the work of Eazy-E. As usual, Chase Hawk and Tom Dugan blasted above everybody’s heads.

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Chase’s Empire Section

Chase Hawks’ section from the Empire video is making its way around the internet. You can watch it above and then when you’re done, you might as well make it a Chase Hawk matinee and watch his Electronical section as well.

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Chase riding the Empire Ramp

Just caught this on G-Sport’s Twitter. It’s Chase Hawk flowing around all over Empire’s new ramp!