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It’s finally here. The answer to ALL your hopes and dreams. The new smaller, lighter GLAND with bigger cable-tie-holes and BOBBLES!

Because GLANDs fix to, (and rotate with) the wheel they can use the very spokes they protect to help support them. This also means that they dont effect the dropout spacing or put any load on your hub axle. And because they are plastic they slide faster and are lighter too.

The BOBBLES! help to take some of the load off the cable-ties and keep the GLAND central, whilst still allowing the guard to fit virtually any hub, with any lacing pattern, front or rear.

And at just $11 they are probably the cheapest as well.

These have actually been available in Australia and some other countries for a while, but they are now in the Odyssey warehouse ready to ship to distributors, so North Americans should be able to satisfy their needs within a few weeks, and the rest of the world wont be far behind…

GLAND 3 Preview

Wham! Just two days since the last entry and here we are back with more!

We showed these babies off at Interbike so it seemed a good time to let everyone get a quick preview of the new GLAND3.

Smaller than the old GLAND but with much bigger cable tie slots and “bobbles” on the inside face which keep the GLAND from slipping about on the wheel and so reduce the stress on the cable ties.

This picture gives you some idea how they compare to the old ones for size:-

We are still in final testing but are shooting for a launch early in 2007.
More To Follow.