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New Grips!

We have a fresh batch of grips in stock! Our Keyboard v2 Grip is now available in Black/Purple and Hot Pink/Ocean Blue, and our Warnin’ Grip is now available in Notepad and Toothpaste.

New JCPC Pedal Halves

We now have brand new Red, Blue and Ocean Blue JCPC pedal halves available.

If you’re running JCPC’s, than these replacement halves are a great way to update your pedals. You can also get crazy with color combos if you like. The halves are side specific and come with both halves to complete one pedal.

USA dealers please contact QBP, SBS, Custom Cycle, J&B or Full Factory Distribution.

International dealers please hit up our distro page.

If anyone has difficulty finding these, we have them available on our store.

New Par Ends Colors

New Ocean Blue, Purple, White and Red Par Ends available now!!

Par Ends are the perfect upgrade if you’re in need of durable inexpensive bar ends, wish to spruce up your bike or just want to replace the cheap ones that came on your grips.

However, our grips come STOCK with Par Ends, so you might already be set.

USA dealers please contact QBP, SBS, Custom Cycle, J&B or Full Factory Distribution.

International dealers please hit up our distro page.

Flatware, The Waltz

Flatware’s first frame designed by Terry Adams is available NOW! You can get it in Ocean Blue (shown) and the Metallic Silver we showed during interbike.

For full specs and details, hit up The Waltz’ product page.

New Hazard Lite Wheel Colors

We have a few new colors to add to our fleet of Hazard Lite wheels (Hazard Lite rims laced onto V3 Cassette & Vandero 2 hubs). These guys are available now in Hard Anodized Blue, Hard Anodized Red and Ocean Blue. Hit up your local shops and favorite mail-orders to upgrade!

The V3 Cassette (rear wheel) comes stock with a 14mm axle and the Vandero 2 (front wheel) comes with 3/8″ inbound female axles. If you want to run 3/8″ in the back, you can get our 3/8″ Conversion kit.

Aaron Ross Veteran Saddle!

Using our Veteran saddle as a starting point, this well-padded couch is an Aaron Ross signature. It features a tear way top of Black denim, with a surprise underneath. Tear away the main denim section to reveal the Aaron keyboard in a color way to match his bikes and some other Odyssey products.

Also, this saddle is the perfect match for an Odyssey themed version of his Etnies shoe, The Number, scheduled to be released early 2010.

Here’s the latest version of Aaron Ross’ signature Veteran saddle and it’s available now! Click around the flipbook above to get an up-close look. It’s a great match to not only the Fluorescent Pink and Ocean Blue parts we have but also the Odyssey themed version of his Etnies shoe we showed this past summer. The shoe is scheduled to be released early 2010 so you can get the seat now and then the matching shoe when it comes out!

Rootbeer Ocean Foam

Twisted PC

Twisted PC pedals are now available in Rootbeer, Sea Foam and Ocean Blue colors. They come stock with the red and white end caps shown but if you prefer black, each come packaged with an extra set of those too!

A-Brake pads and Linear Slic Kables

A-Brake Pads and Linear Slic Kable

Here are some new brake items we just got in. A-Brake Pads are available in Normal (black), Medium (red) and Soft (clear) durometers for all your braking needs. The clear ones work best for painted rims and the red/black ones are best used for hard-anodized rims.

Along with the new batch of pads, we also have a new batch of Linear Slic Kables that have a nice mesh pattern to them. They’re available in grey, blue and gold.

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Interbike 2009

If you’re at Interbike this year, make sure to swing by our booth! It’s the large pink and purple cube in the BMX section.

This gallery will give you a quick peek at all the stuff we’re debuting this year. More photos and info coming soon!

Interbike is in full swing and we’ll be posting updates and debuting new products throughout the week. Above is a little taste of some of the things we brought to the big show.

Terry in Michigan

Here’s Terry riding in the Diag at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.