Hard Anodized Wheels

all black

The Hazard Cassette wheelset has only come with black hubs/spokes and a chrome rim, until now. An all black wheel? No, we are not the first, but we wouldn’t offer a built wheel with anything less than the best we can do, for a price you can afford. With the vast improvment in braking and wear of the Hard Anodized rim vs. regular black anodize, we are now able to offer an All Black wheel we can be stand behind.

2005 Hazard Cassette wheel set is the 2005 hub, which is improved over last years model and all the poser hubs out there, with either Chrome or Hard Black Hazard Lite rims. You can’t buy a better built wheel (or find as good a price for that matter).

These wheels will start shipping soon, so contact your favorite shop or mailorder in case you want one.