Matt watering the yard - jason.eichhorst
Matt watering the yard – uploaded by jason.eichhorst in the odysseybmx group in Flickr.

Odyssey is now on Flickr!!

We have setup an Odyssey page/photostream on Flickr, as well as a seperate public group where you can participate and add your “Odyssey related” pictures (as long as you are a Flickr member). Any photo that’s put in the group will show up at random in the Flickr box on the right side of this page. If you are not a member, you can still click on any of the pics to check them out.

You can find our Photostream HERE, and our group HERE. Mark us as a contact for another good way to stay in tune with what’s happening here, as most of the pics from this blog will show up in our photostream as well.

Below are some guidelines for the group and some more samples of what has already been added.

Jimbo by kwc14milla Eric, Grey, Truly and some AIR!!! by b dubbs G and Z by nameisbauer ? by francisdelapena JIM CIELENCKI by Nuno_Oliveira done and done by nameisbauer

Rules and Guidelines for posting in the group:

  • If you see Gary Young walking down the street and shoot a photo, post it.
  • If you get some new Odyssey product for your bike, post it.
  • If your bike has a bunch of Odyssey parts, post a bike check.
  • If you took a photo of Mike Aitken at a contest, post it.
  • If your friend is chilling in an Odyssey shirt, post it.

Basically, if the picture has anything to do with Odyssey, feel free to post. Nothing explicit or out of hand please, or it will be deleted.

All of us here will also be contributing, so you never know what can show up there.