Chase Gouin Update!

This photo of Chase Gouin popped up in Art BMX Magazine earlier this month and Chase wrote in to give us a little bit more info about the three bikes and its uses:

Bikes from left to right. On the left, brakeless KHE prototype frame which is a middle school/modern hybrid set up. In the center, a Rob “Tex” Thayer/ Gouin frame, set up with a Nippon, rear brake and coaster brake…an attempt at resembling that of a bike i would have had in the early 1990’s. On the right, identical KHE proto frame but with front and rear brakes and again a middle school/modern hybrid. All bikes have Odyssey / Flatware / G-sport part wherever possible. and are of course superbly dialed… unlike me… haha. Whenever i ride any of the bikes, i tend to do only tricks that utilize the specific features of that bike which make it unique. For example, only brakeless style tricks on the brakeless bike, only feathering front nippon and coaster brake/old school tricks on that one, then full usage of front and rear brakes on other bike. Of course this is my goal which i have not quite got to excel at yet, but do hope to. Plus some other bike set ups to come. I have no grand plans other than to be healthy and strong and being an all around good flatlander. To re-establish a solid traditional tricktionary foundation and be open to any kind of Flatland trick concept of any era, striving to put my own little twist or slightly original variation to it. Thanks again for all your support in helping me get to this point.

In other Chase G. news, there’s positive signs that his over-all health is on the upswing and we all wish him the best that it keeps on improving. He has one more DNA test to send out and if the results are good, then he’ll be well on his way to gracing us once again with his flatland prowess!

To me, this will be the key information that allows me to also psychologically move forward knowing that there has been tangible laboratory results demonstrating a reversal of those sources of debilitation. I hope to be riding steadily, progressing and sharing that in some form as soon as possible. On a different positive note. I have just received my five year U.S entry border waiver. Hmmm? Things seems to be looking up and opportunities opening. As a realist, i don’t get too excited, but instead try to follow my own advice and “stay grounded… aim high.”