New Duralectra and Seven K Rims in stock now

These are the most advanced developments to a BMX rim in a long time.

The Hazard Lite Duralectra rim uses the proprietary Sanford Process Hard Anodizing to create a finish like no other rim today. Until now, Chrome plating was the hardest, most durable finish to be applied to a rim. Duralectra’s Sandford Process has higher wear rating than chrome or regular hard anodizing. In addtion, you can have similar braking power to chrome, but with a black finish. Finished in Massachusets, USA at Duralectra.
sugg retail: $85-90 per rim

The Seven K rim is the first BMX rim to use 7005 series Aluminum. Like any other Aluminum applications, 7000 series is superior to 6000 series in strength, so the product can be scaled down and lightened up without sacraficing durability. The Seven K rim is wider and lighter than the already proven hazard lite, while being stronger than other double wall rims. Seven K is available in Chrome and Hard anodize. While not Duralectra, this process is a huge improvement to the standard anodized black rim.
sugg retail: $66-70 per rim