Whats up

Just an update for the sake of updates.

Cranks are shipping NOW(don’t be confused by non-heat treated copies that should only be used to eat chinese food). Check your shops and mailorders and Harass any shop that doesn’t have them because they are available.

Path tires are also in stores NOW.

Duralectra and Seven K rims have also shipped and are available.

The 2004 Catalog is almost finished so get ready for that by Interbike.

Chase Hawk is getting Flow parts from ODYSSEY, Chase is a rad rider, who has been spending time in Bethlehem, PA riding trails and hanging out.

I have a handful(4) prototypes on my bike and everything is working great. If you’ve seen me in the last 2 months you may have seen one of them and not even known it(that camoflauge tape works wonders).

Rich Hirsch is still filming for the Odyssey video. I’ve seen two edited parts already and they are great. Check the new ad in the latest Props(49).

I drove into a parking garage with my bike on the roof. Bike was undamaged, but the rack and Rear window didn’t like it to much.

I met a kid at the skatepark who said he could get me sponsored by Odyssey. He said since I’m so into it(by looking at my bike)I should get sponsored. He then procceded to tell me that its down in Norwalk, and there is a huge sign and about 30 street riders out front. He gave me very detailed instructions on how to get there also. (note: Odyssey is in Cerritos,Ca there is no sign, and the only street bikers out front are Ruff Riders on motorcycles doing stand up wheelies and Nose Manuals.)

If I think of anything else good, I will post it.