New Threads

Some New shirts are out. Hot off the presses is the “Bicycle” and the “Old School” I’ll let you figure out which is which. One Has a Maroon/burgundy Rider on a grey 50/50, the other has the Old logo in Yellow on a green 50/50. Incase you were wondering why we use 50/50, it is because they are the best. They are lighter and breathe better then 100% cotton. they retain thier color, shape, and size much better then other shirts. Check out a good “vintage” shirt. Not an abercrombie rip off, a real OLD shirt. If it looks pretty good, and the shape has stayed fitting for a long time its probably a 50/50. I guess that may have been a bit much, but thats how much I think about how our shirts come out. If we care that much about a t-shirt, figure out how much we care about more important parts.