InterBike Trade Show

There was a lot going on at interbike this year.

Some Companies have been forming comradaries, while others were prolonging drama between one another. Some new, good stuff from some unexpected companies, some crap from other companies. One company even said they were just going to copy everybody elses good parts.(THIS IS NOT A FORUM TO SPECULATE ABOUT WHO THESE COMPANIES ARE, IF I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU I WOULD DO IT NOW. ANY POSTS LIKE THAT WILL BE DELETED)

It was good to see some new companies at the show, while we missed some regular fixtures.

It seemed like the Odyssey booth was packed the whole time which is a very good thing.

New items like the B.E.T.A. Bag(backpack by Adam Banton) went over very well. The Real Tree camoflauge forks/bars were a very popular item also. They were just samples so don’t ask when will they be available, probably in 2004.

The Odyssey Video premiere went very well despite the venues very uncooperative manager. Well actually the regular manager seemed like a nice guy, but his assistant the night of the show was the annoying one. Some people were complaining that they couldn’t hear it, but everytime I turned it up I got yelled at by the cowboy assistant. But the riding was good enough to make up for the shortcomings of the venue.

The video will be out on DVD ready for Christmas with more riding, bonus stuff and one more rider section by Matt Beringer.