Random tidbits

Gary Young came in today to work on his bike and informed me that he will be going on Props Megatour 3. He will be on the trip with UGP which means Jim Cielencki may also be going, but dont quote me on that.

Speaking of Jim Cielencki, the latest limited edition color (Gold) pedal, is now available at shops and mailorders. And yes, we only make 300 of each color, hence limited edition.

Our very own Jim Bauer has been in Utah this last week visiting, riding and taking care of some business with Matt Beringer and Mike Aitken. Hopefully, he will have some photos and news to report when he gets back.

Jimmy Levan is chillin in Austin Texas. He was at Empire BMX when i called there, so look out for him. Be sure to check out the Metal video “Faded Glory” when it comes out.

Rich Hirsch will be starting his own shoe venture called Lotek. Rich is waiting on samples, so that means the ball is rolling. That is all i know at the moment, but check in with for updates in the future.

We still have some of the new shirts and zip ups available on our online store, as well as price reduced blowout shirts. Get some in time for christmas.