Salt Lake Rules

I just got back from Salt Lake and it was awesome.
It was so good, that i didn’t want to stop and take photos, hence the weak showing I have here.

Mike’s new house is cool, and he is doing a good job hooking it up. His brother and he are pretty good at upholstery, so if this BMX doesn’t work out, it nice to have a fall back.

Matt’s house(garage) was under construction, so I just cruised around avoiding large holes. That back yard is awesome, like you’ve seen in pictures and videos, but it is still a sight to behold. That was also frozen, so I got negged on that too.

Dispite the cold, everyone shredded, and riding with Matt and Mike is super-fun.

As for my pictures…
First is Matt, Mike and I driving to Brighton, UT to go snowboarding.

Second is Mike’s Home theatre, with him as a reference to show how big it is.

Third is the Nightvision shot of the fire place and aluminum christmas tree.
Someone knocked down a telephone pole last night so all the power went out.

Maybe next time I will take a riding shot, but really who wants to shoot pics when those guys are riding? I just want to watch.