Scott Foster Bike Check

Scott came by the office today…

frame– Fit Van Homan frame (21″)
fork– Odyssey Dirt Fork
bars– Odyssey Civilians
stem– Odyssey GI stem
headset– Chris king top, tank upper as the lower
lever– Odyssey Modulever
saddle– Odyssey MX kevlar
seatpost– Odyssey Intac/newest version
clamp– Odyssey, GI clamp
rims– Odyssey Seven K 36 hole (front) Duralectra 48 (rear)
hubs– Odyssey Hazard 14mm front. Grey Odyssey cassette rear (hollow axle/ 13t one piece driver)
sprocket– 36T Utility
cranks– Odyssey 41 thermal cranks (odyssey euro bb)
chain– dropbuster
pedals– Odyssey Jim C. signature (Blue sealed))
brakes– Odyssey Evolver (Blue)
gyro– GTX-R (Blue)
pads– Odyssey ABrake
tires– Odyssey path 2.1(F) 2.0 Groundwork(R)
pegs– Odyssey Ti-Pegs
cable– Modulever slic, Dual slic lower
grips– Adam Banton