Congrats Jim!

Jim Cielencki is on the cover of the new Ride BMX doing a Smith down a round rail. Props unto JC.

In other news…Mike Aitken, Matt Beringer, Jimmy LeVan have been out here in Cali shredding with Me, Adam, Gary, Ryan Sher, Mike Ardelean, and many more. Thanks to Jimmy in Riverside for letting us ride his Dirt Bowl, its crazy. Thanks to Mike for letting us ride his trails. Thanks to Robbie Miranda for draining his pool and letting us wreck it. Thanks to Fontana cops for not booting us from the No Bikes skatepark…..
These are some crappy video stills from Robbies pool. He has more about it on his website Mikey Ripped it up. Don’t pay attention to my crashes, I pulled it first try (yeah right).

Thanks again Robbie, It was awesome.