totally random post

We got a bunch of samples today. They are looking good. So far everything we got is correct. Which only means that the odds that they go into full production soon, are very good.

We will show some of them at the SubDivision BMX trade show in Binghamton, NY, May 27th-29th.
After the show Nuno and I will be going on a trails mission, so if anyone has any good spots in Long Island, don’t hesitate to tell us.

There is a contest in Arizona this weekend. You should go.

Matt Beringer was riding with the T-1 guys last week in Utah.

Ever heard of Critical Mass? Its the last friday of every month, and its a ride to promote bicycle riding and awareness. While its mostly road riders, I went to the local CM meeting spot last week and ended up meeting 3 BMXers that live in my neighborhood. Its a fun time riding in the streets usually dominated by cars. I found a ton of street spots I probably never would have seen otherwise. promote the idea of “one less car” or as FBM would put it “Blow up your car, ride a bike”.