Elementary Stem

Concept and engineering by George French. Designed and manufactured by Odyssey BMX. US and foreign utility patents are pending.

– One bolt simultaneously locks the handlebars and steerer tube into place.

– Available with or without Gyro tabs.

– Replaceable hardware and internal components.

– Forged and machined 2014 aluminum main U-Frame.

– Extruded and machined 2014 aluminum inner components.

– 8 ounce weight.

– 50 mm reach.

– Black anodized finish.

– 8 mm allen wrench included.

– Available in late 2004.

Your questions answered;

1.”Why the secrecy?” Contrary to public opinion, the stem was not covered “to keep other companies from stealing it.” The stem has an abnormal configuration that evolved through three basic prototypes. Covering the stem allowed us to work at our own pace, keeping the pressure to deliver off of the people involved with creating and selling our products – namely our distributors, our shops and ourselves. It needed to be ride tested without people questioning its availability date, so the box was used, and a lot of imaginations wandered. “How different can it be?”, was the question heard the most often. Now you finally know.

2. “Isn�t that going to slip?” It has been repeatedly tested on virtually every possible fork and bar brand combination and ride tested for a year or more. It doesn�t slip.

3. “One bolt? Isn�t it hard to adjust the bars and stem at the same time?” It seems like it would be, but it�s actually easier. Only one bolt needs to be turned to clamp the bars and fork at the same time. The bolt takes an 8 mm allen wrench, so there�s no reason to be concerned about damaging that part either. It�s strong, and if you ever manage to strip the bolt or nut for some reason, all of the hardware is replaceable.

4. “Why does it look so strange?” You�ve probably never seen anything like it, so of course it looks strange. “Form follows function” is a motto repeated everyday in design and architecture schools around the world. This configuration couldn�t be a better example of form following function. In fact, it could be argued that its simplicity actually makes the traditional “block of aluminum stem” look strange.

5. “It�s like half the weight of a normal stem, so isn�t it weaker?” No, this is not a weaker lightweight alternative to the traditional part it�s replacing. It�s a full strength, full 50 mm reach, fully functioning stem that just happens to be half the weight of the “traditional” version. This was accomplished by rearranging and redesigning the stem�s assembly configuration.

6. “Why isn�t it a “drop” stem?” Drop stems are leftover from a time period when the only handlebars available were 8″ or higher. In 2004 there are literally hundreds of bar sizes to choose from. This stem allows you to run shorter bars, ultimately saving weight in that area of the bike also. Combine the Elementary Stem with Civilian Low Bars and a Race Fork and you�ve shaved well over 1 lb. of weight (or even more) from the front end, and that�s without any significant sacrifice in strength.

7. “How much does it cost?” It will be in the same price range as a “normal” stem.