Interbike 2004

Interbike has come and gone.
New stuff, fun times, lame products, good ideas, parties, premiers, etc.
The Elementary Stem went over well. For many it was their first hearing about or seeing it, for some it was the first time to see what they have seen on the internet, in real life.
New for a lot of people was the Reloader freecoaster, Monolevers, Jimmy LeVan grips, Matt Beringer grips, Race Cassette, Race Vandero, and a new sprocket(yet un-named).

Hard Rock was the post-everything, everynight spot. You should have seen it….oh wait. What happens at interbike, stays at interbike.

Gary Young- NORA cup Ramp Rider of the year. Congratulations Gary! Gary was top four street rider of the year also.(Cory Martinez won that) Gary’s quote from his speech-(laughing)”have fun, I don’t know.”
Mike Aitken was in the top four Dirt riders of the year(first going to Cory Bohan, presented by Jimmy LeVan). Mike couldn’t been there anyway because he was busy getting Married! Congrats Mike! Pictures from his wedding to come……