Adam Banton bike check

frame– Eastern Ascent
fork– Custom Odyssey fork w/990’s
bars– Civilian Lo
stem– Elementary w/tabs
headset– Solid
gyro– Odyssey GTX-R
levers– Odyssey Monolever(front) Prototype M2 lever
saddle– Odyssey Marcell (kevlar)
seatpost– Odyssey Intac (25.4)
clamp– Odyssey Mr. Clampy
rims– Odyssey 7KA (chrome)
hubs– Odyssey Vandero/Race Version(with regular Vandero axle) New Odyssey cassette rear (hollow axle/ 11 t Ti-driver prototype)
sprocket– Odyssey Compact (30 tooth) with guard
cranks– Odyssey 41 thermal cranks
chain– generic
pedals– Odyssey JC Autumn Camo
brakes– Odyssey evolvers
pads– Odyssey 1×4
tires– Odyssey Frequency G (20×1.85) front and back
pegs– Odyssey Ti Pegs
cable– Odyssey M2 upper/Brakeline front/lower
grips– Odyssey Adam Banton
barends– Odyssey barcaps (alloy)