So I went to Mexico to get away from the rain in Southern California.
As soon as I got off the plane, in Monterrey, it started misting. That turned into rain which continued for 3 more days. I guess I am the only one who didn’t check the weather report because Mike, Matt, and Jim all had to cancel on the trip because of the rain.
The first day riding(friday) we rode a skate park under a bridge waiting for the rain to stop so we could go in the ditch.
Saturday the rain stopped in just enough time to have the contest. Literally just enough time. As Gary took off on his finals run, the rain started and made the course unrideable. But it all got crammed in and it was a fun contest. Bas Keep came in third, Gary came in second, and Cory Martinez won it all with tricks like wedge(roll-in, see Sean Burns sequence) to vert wall gap, and reverse vert wall-tailwhip to wedge. But I am a crap photographer so my picture of it sucked. Sean Burns did the craziest thing I saw all weekend by cranking up the course to the roll-in wedge and 360ing to FLAT. It was very well excecuted for what sounds like a huck trick. Cory ice-picked the vert section, and Rooftop tooth-picked it. I think Bas tailwhiped it. tons of other stuff happened, it was great. Locals were going off and we saw amazing things going on in such a strange obstacle. Check, Ride, Standpoint, Twenty, and Dig soon for better pictures, stories, and video.

Gary warming up under a freeway.

Rob Tibbs G-turning the box


Gary In the drain

360 to flat. Sean Burns is crazy.

End of Garys run, with water chasing him down the drain.

Cookie (Joe Sederquist) will be making a video for Red Bull including a road trip from Mexico City>Monterrey. It sounded like a great trip so expect great things from this video. Thanks for inviting me to Mexico!

Jeff Z, hardest working photographer in BMX.