Dam. Damn Dam

So Anthony Cico, Afro Pat, Jared Souney and I are riding(actually Jared left his bike and brought his camera’s) this tranny damn somewhere in Northern Ohio.
Cico says it might be a bust and takes some photo’s of it to show the rest of us to see if it’s worth the drive and risk getting busted.
We all thought it looked fun and in such a small town of the side a harmless rode. What could go wrong?
We all hop over the signs and start riding it. Cico snaps his chain and takes it during his first run. He leaves to walk back a mile were the truck is. While Pat and I ride it, it’s steeper than we thought and the run up is uphill. Still it’s fun and exciting. Cico comes back with a new chain and cranks a turndown first hit. His feet pop off and he takes it even better this time. After about 45 minutes (that actually flew by) there’s 3 cops looking at us.
The rest of the story is probably similar to what everybody else has experienced. After dodging having to stay in Ohio for an extended week for my court date, we got off with a $145 tickets. The cops were actually as cool as they could be with out breaking the law(because we know cops don’t do that, right?)After being escorted downtown to pay our fines we had pizza and laughed alot about the whole deal. The last names of all 3 officers were really hilarious. I had officer Careless.

Rules are Rules



Pay the Piper

Stay tuned for the Photos that Jared Souney shot.