Digital Camo. Finally.

Sorry about the HUGE delay, but the new LIMITED EDITION Digital Camo is shipping to distributors now.

Digital Camo is available on 2005, 41 Thermal, Butted Dirt forks and Race forks, as well as Civilian Svelte, Butted Hi and Lo.

As far as other news you have been yearning for. Matt is in Layton. Mike is in Murray, snowboarding. Chase Gouin is on his way to the Metro Jam. Jim C is in Buffalo. Scott is in So Cal. Gary and Aaron are on a trip to mess with Nyquists Unit. Jim, Scott, Gary and Aaron will all be at the Metro Jam. It was Adams birthday this weekend, he turned 19. Happy Bday ATB. Gary and Adam just had Daily Habits on the Fuel Network. Props 59 just came out with a little bio you might want to check out. I went to a Nascar race this weekend. It was awesome. James Menard is in Austin getting out of the Seattle weather and hanging with Chase. I think that is everything. I don’t know anything else…No bike checks, so don’t ask. I will post them as soon as I can get one.