The Elementary Stem has been out for well over a year now, and with thousands more people running it we thought it was worth checking to see if there was room to make it even better. The few warrantied stems we have had back have shown that the only thing that could really cause a problem was if the stem was being run with the bolt a little too loose. Through analysis testing we’ve found that running the stem this way can impede the wedge’s ability to transmit torsional loads properly. This in turn has resulted in a very small number of stems where the U-frame has been damaged or twisted slightly, and a replacement has been needed (and happily provided, obviously). Because this situation is so rare, we probably could have let this slide or maybe just updated the instructions to encourage people to be more aware of the bolt’s tightness; however, we instead realized that there was a simple way to eliminate this problem and improve the torsional strength of the stem without adding any weight…Groovy wedges!

So the new Elementaries that will begin shipping within the next two weeks will have these little grooves in the center wedges that interlock with corresponding ribs on the front and back wedges. We found this increases the torsional strength enormously, even when slightly loose. This improvement also helps to keep the wedges aligned more evenly during installation, which can help to provide for a better overall assembly.

Note: The first shipment of V2 stems will be black without tabs, with the other versions to follow soon.

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