Powdercoated Rims

Chase Hawk’s wheels

Aaron Ross’s wheels

First color. Pistachio.

I was trying to keep this under wraps for a second, but I guess its too late.

We are doing some limited edition powdercoated rims. The colors will come out one at a time (like the pedals, cables, seats, anything we do that is limilted edition) and are for use on wheels that DON’T USE BRAKE PADS. They are powdercoated, so brakes would wear them prematurely. Chase wanted the purple ones, and Aaron had asked about flourescent yellow rims a while ago.

Now, Chase is brakeless, but Aaron is not. I wanted to see how long the powdercoat will last anyway. First color will be……Pistachio/Mint. They are roughly a month and a half away. Word.