Again, I suck.

Well over a month since the last post, but hey I am slowly getting quicker. Bear with me, and by the end of the decade I might be posting every week…

Anyway, check out this little beauty. This is the new Macadamia Ribcage Rim. It’s a sort of rich chocolatey brown. This is an extra thick version of the hard anodising process we use. As the coating gets thicker it also gets harder so if you want to run brakes then this is for you…. or maybe you just love the funky colour.

These are shipping to US shops NOW so get your order in quick. These are NOT limited edition, this should be a stock option, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt rush out and buy them right now….

I am off to the Interbike show next week. If you are going, then please stop by the Odyssey stand and say hi. We should have lots of cool new stuff to check out…. Soon after we should be able to put some of it up on here for everyone else to check out. So look back in here at the end of the month.