Director Fork…

I’m a little late with the post, sorry.

Here’s the pictures and info on the Director Fork. You may also notice the following new items in the photos of Ben Ward’s bike; “Par” Ends, Million Dollar Sprocket, Classic Stem, PLyte Path Tires, Vandero 2 (with G-Sport Axle Technology), 17mm G-Sport 3/8″ Axle Bolts, etc.

Aaron Ross is also on the Director Fork, so check his bike out if you see him riding.

Availability for the fork looks like late Spring 2007.

2007 Classic Race and Classic Dirt Forks are in stores now.

We’ll post info on more of the new products later this week.


41-Thermal Director Fork

The Director Fork throws traditional construction methods out the window, giving us the lightest and strongest fork we’ve ever tested. Placing the fork’s proprietary integrated dropouts on the same axis as the leg makes them virtually indestructible when compared to ordinary 4-6mm plate designs. Furthermore, the fork’s exclusive steerer tube and leg junction is significantly stronger than the ordinary tube-to-tube methods that have been used for decades. This new junction design reduces stress in this critical area, and contributes substantially to the fork’s lighter overall weight.

With a strength-to-weight ratio that is unparalleled, the Director Fork is designed to handle the impacts of every style of riding. Light enough to race, and strong enough for trails, street, park and vert.


– 1 lb. 15 oz. (uncut 170mm steerer tube with pre-load bolt installed)
– Butted and tapered “direct” legs fully eliminate rail and grind hang-ups
– Hollow, integrated leg dropouts are stronger than traditional designs by a massive margin
– Steerer tube and leg joint is significantly stronger than conventional designs
– New flush-mount, cable friendly, 7075 pre-load bolt
– Rustproof finishing prior to powdercoating
– 3/8” axle slots only
– Traditional axle offset and steering geometry
– Optional brake mounts
– Black, Limited Editions
– US and Foreign Patents Pending