Street and Trail riders are wussies

I thought riding street almost everyday would mean I could do a few hot laps on a BMX track. Yeah, I was wrong. I couldn’t do one full lap at full tilt to save my life. My friend who rides trails everyday realized his downhill trails don’t need one crank. To explain, the picture I posted last month of my friends and I racing, prompted a “reunion” of sorts. I bolted on some calipers to pass inspection, and we were off. I guess in hindsight racing Class and Open was a mistake, especially when there are only 21 motos(that means the time between moto 1 and 11 and back to 1 is almost nothing). So this is my post dedicated to the REAL physically fit BMXers, the Racers.

I’m still sore.

See you next year.

(That trophy is for 3rd place. In front of 4 other “old guys” and behind two 17 Experts. They worked us out of the gate everytime)