Our new Par Ends have arrived!

This bar end utilizes the light weight of plastic. With the help of a proprietary material blend, this design is much more durable than the freebies that come with grips.

The jar you see in the pic is how we sell it to distributors/bike shops. There are 12 individual Par Ends in each jar (or 6 pairs), so when you go to a shop, you can buy one Par End, or the standard 2. An individual Par End should be about $2.50 retail, or roughly $5.00 for the pair.

These will be available soon, so contact your local shop/mailorder for more info.

Weight for the pair is less than 1 ounce, and they will work with .049 and .065 wall thicknesses.

To function properly, the handlebar end must be fully seated in the Par End’s locking groove. An illustration of this can be seen here: