Chase Hawk bike check

Chase and Mike Gave their bikes to the locals in South Africa. Here is Chase’s new whip. I just realized he gave away prototype TrailMix pedals. Lucky kid over there…..

Photos: Devon Hutchins

frame-The Hawk. 20.5″
fork– Odyssey Classic Race fork
bars– Odyssey LumberJack
stem– Fit
headset– integrated
lever– None
saddle– Odyssey Aitken
seatpost– Fit
clamp– integrated
F wheel– M-7 (GSPORT Marmoset w/ 7K-A rim)
R wheel– Odyssey Csst, 36, lhd w/ 7K-A rim
spokes– Odyssey
sprocket– 31t Aminal
cranks– Wombolts. 175
chain– generic
pedals– Odyssey JC sealed/Mag
brake– None
tires– Odyssey Path, Plyte (20×2.1) rear/ Aitken, 2.125 knobby front
pegs– Jpeg Lighter
cable– None
grips– ruben
barends– Par Ends

Check out Chase’s travellog from South Africa. Courtesy of DevonHutchinsDotCom.