While Jimmy Levan, Gary Young, Adam Banton, Matt Beringer and KC Badger were in town filming for the next video, some of the others were in Berlin for the Rebel Jam, sort of.

Jim Cielencki was on his way there, but “the plane left without him”. JC still went over, as there were plans to film for our video after the contest anyway.

Taj was over as well, but ran into a little snag while filming at a skatepark doing an alley-oop wall tap foot plant across a wallride over a hip. He cut up his shin and had to chill. See picture above.

Aaron Ross is in Berlin as well filming. And debate is still up as to whether he actually won or not.

Mike Aitken and Chase Hawk were on a Fit Bikes trip from LA to San Fran last week. I’m sure they kicked ass.