Our new distributor in the UK is IMG. For the full info and press release, please keep reading…

For immediate release:

IMG to distribute ODYSSEY, G-SPORT, SUNDAY and SHOOK in the UK

We are very pleased to announce that Carlo Griggs’ IMG Distribution is the new home for Odyssey in the UK. In addition to stocking the full Odyssey line, IMG will also be carrying products from G-Sport, Shook and Jim Cielencki’s Sunday Bikes. Shops in the UK will soon be able to replenish their out-of-stock items, and they’ll also be able to buy any of the new or hard-to-find products that we’ve released within the last six months. We are looking forward to working closely with Carlo, and we’re committed to providing the highest level of service to our UK shops and customers. For ordering inquiries and other questions about Odyssey, G-Sport, Sunday and Shook products in the UK, please contact IMG today.

IMG Distribution LTD
1 Beach Road
West Sussex
PO21 4SX

Tel: +44 (0) 1243 268075
Fax: +44 (0) 1243 266499

IMG carries products from: Odyssey, G-Sport, Sunday, Shook, Proper, Fly Bikes, Ilegal and Simple.


What happened to Padded Cell?:

In lieu of recent misinformation and internet speculation, we would like to take this opportunity to clear the air on what happened between Odyssey and our former UK distributor, Padded Cell.

In September 2006, Padded Cell’s parent company, Cool Brands LTD, then Hi-Gear LTD, began to default on payments. In an attempt to help keep Padded Cell supplied, an exception was made to our customary “upfront” payment rule and Cool Brands was offered 60 day terms. As time moved on, Cool Brands continued to default on payments and a substantial six-figure US dollar debt began to build. In mid-2007, we expressed interest in looking for a second, non-exclusive, UK distributor, hoping that this would assist Cool Brands by relieving some of the financial pressures that they were dealing with. However, the option of allowing a second distributor was quickly denied by Cool Brands, who chose instead to close Padded Cell, using the return delivery of their existing Odyssey inventory to balance the ledger on the longstanding debt they had accumulated with us.

The Padded Cell employees were a passionate and dedicated team that had the misfortune of being stuck in the middle of all this, and it should be understood that they were not to blame for Cool Brands’ inability to make the required payments.

In the wake of this disbanding, the former Padded Cell employees have started Zeal Distribution, a company that is independently owned and operated by James Hitchcox. The Zeal team is highly dedicated and passionate about their work, and we’re sure that everyone will be hearing a lot from them very soon. Please contact James, Aaron and Neil for more information on how your shop can carry products from Mankind, Superstar, Standard Byke Co, Sputnic, BSD, Alone and Manmade Clothing in the UK.

Call; +44 (0) 20 8428 6107, e-mail;, or go to;