Gary stopped by to pick up the Odyssey van yesterday on his way to Arizona, where he and other Odyssey dudes will commence filming for Electronical. I noticed Gary had a new rig, so I took some pics.

Frame- Macneil Young 2
Fork- Odyssey Director
Bars-Odyssey Gary Young
Grips- Odyssey Gary Young grips
Lever- Odyssey M2 Medium
Stem- Macneil Cell stem
Front Wheel- Odyssey M7 (Marmoset/7K-A 36H)
Rear Wheel- Odyssey Cassette laced to 7K-A
Front Tire- Dirt Path P-Lyte 2.20
Rear Tire- Path P-Lyte 1.85
Seating- Macneil Pivotal/Imperial saddle
Clamp- Mr Clampy
Cranks- Odyssey Wombolt 175mm
Pedals- Odyssey Trail Mix polished looseball
Sprocket- Macneil
Brakes- Evo2 Black chrome
Pegs- Macneil/G-Sport Pleg mix

Click below for pics.

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