I poached info from Metal and Dig websites today:

Even though I’ve been coughing up half a lung for the past few days thanks to a wild case of bronchitis, I managed to get out of the house yesterday to visit Jimmy Levan in the hospital.

Thankfully, he’s awake, and for the fall he managed, he looks pretty damn good. He’s recognizing people, he referred to the nurse in the room as “Baby” and he’s fighting to get out of the hospital bed every ten seconds or so.

He still has a long way to go, but I’m really happy to report that Jimmy is awake and fighting. It’s going to be some time before he gets to leave the hospital, but he’s a got a huge case of determination on his side to speed the process along. And if you know Jimmy, once he puts his mind to something, he does it.

The Jimmy Levan fund is still open. If you’d like to donate, please give what you can. Jimmy has insurance, but there are still going to be additional costs during his recovery that aren’t covered by his insurance.

-Brian Tunney

I spent the whole day with Jimmy today, he is doing a lot better but is very confused and cannot recall a lot of the last year. His insurance will not cover the rehabilitation he needs, he is going to need to go to a rehabilitation center for serious brain injuries. I was talking with his mum today and we are going to see if we can get him into a center in jfk edison under some sort of charity or low earning fund, but this will cost $70,000(for one month). $40,000 before and the rest after.

He needs to be there soon, so if you can pass it along to anyone
raising funds etc that his family need the money by the first of
December, so he can be in rehab for the month and get back to be his good old self again.

-Tom Hooper

Thanks for everyone who already bid on my bike. I was surprised to see it that high in less than one day. I goes to show what we all can do for one another, and how much Jimmy effects us all.

-Jim Bauer
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