As you know, Jimmy Le Van went down hard in New Jersey a few weeks ago.

Until now he had been in a drug induced coma, for healing purposes. Early this morning Jimmy is officially awake, but not too coherent. All the tubes have been removed except for one IV. He asked his sister earlier if she knew Chris Moeller,”the bad ass flatlander” haha. This is great news on the road to recovery. Thanks to everyone for their outpouring of support.

Bad news is this hospital stay and recovery is going to be EXTREMELY expensive. Empire stepped up to the plate right away with the Help Jimmy Fund. Much props to Empire BMX to being so quick to help out. Empire will match whatever you donate, and Odyssey will match what you AND Empire donate. Basically whatever you can do will be quadrupled, so give what you can. We appreciate it and more so, Jimmy will appreciate it.

To donate go here