i just got back from Estonia, where I chilled at the Simpel Session, and vistited with Mystic, our distro in Estonia. They have a sweet setup in “Old Town”, and are helping the Estonia scene grow along with Simpel.

The contest was super fun to attend, and is the one contest I always hear good things about from riders. People always seem to be psyched on Estonia.

Gary Young got second, and Chase Hawk got ninth, although I feel he should have placed higher, and Aaron Ross came in 16th.

Aaron, Gary, Chase, Beringer and Cielencki were all out there trying good unique lines, which I’m sure you will see on the net somewhere.

Click below for a few pics.

Chase and Gary during practice.

Beringer and Nasty during breakfast.

Some of the Mystic crew.

Mystic set up at Simpel Session.

Karl Poynter and Jim Cielencki

Aaron Ross and John Povah.

Harrison Boyce, Gary Young and Kym Grosser.