News v2.0

The new version of launched today and has a fresh look along with nearly 100 photos, more than 20 videos, and a whole lot more!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop you a line announce that I just launched my new site. The URL is still, but the entire site has been redone from the ground up. I have a blog on there now so I’ll be keeping you updated on a regular basis and posting photos from my travels. I also added nearly 100 photos to the photo section and more than 20 videos to the video section. Under “coverage” you’ll find some of my best magazine coverage from the past few years, and of course my contact info is on the site in case a potential new sponsor wants to get in touch with me or book me for a demo.

Thanks to all of you and my sponsors, Odyssey, Red Bull, A Bad Thing, Lotek, and Raising Cane’s for their support. I’ll see you at the riding spot!

– Terry Adams