Contest Update

Banana Seat Challenge
I was MIA last Friday to update the Banana Seat Challenge that was posted a couple weeks ago but here’s the updated challenge list:

1.) 07.18.08 – Surfed Tailwhip. The tailwhip MUST be surfed.
2.) 07.25.08 – Nac Nac with your tongue sticking out.
3.) 08.08.08 – Griz Air.

The latest addition to the challenge is the Griz Air. If you need an example, click here.

Check out the original contest post for official rules, details and prizes.

While you’re there, check out our DIY t-shirt design contest as well. Make sure to read the rules for it! We’ve been getting some awesome design entries, but so far, most of them have been too big to print out on a t-shirt transfer.