Give D! Summer of Rot

Give D! Summer of Rot
Ironically enough, this is the 666th post in the Daily Word…

Hit up the jump for the theatrical trailer and more info.

The Give D! trailer is dramatic for the purpose of leaving you on the edge of your seat… The trailer speaks of heartbreak and betrayal but offers little to nothing as to what may or may not have happened. Summer of Rot is going to be our first ever DVD release and we promise to bring everyone what we’re known for. The DVD will resemble that of a mixtape with some dedicated sections of our dudes shreddin’, 69ing and well mostly rotting. All of our web edits will be featured on the DVD as well in the bonus section. The bonus section will surely please all of those who have been keepin’ up with the D! edits. We plan on being able to distribute the DVD shortly after Interbike through whoever wants to take the heat in supporting the D! crew. The sleeved mixtape will sell for 10 bucks flat and the sleeve will be covered in Dirt Ron art.

The dvd will feature all of those whom you’ve known to love, hate or even despise. We’ll also have a section entitled “Friendlies” which will showcase some of the dudes that shred with us or who rep the D! – Alex @ Give D!