Purple Rain Colorway

Interbike 2009 just started today and the first feature up in our flipbook is the Purple Rain Colorway. As with all of our flipbooks, these guys are portable. Click the EMBED button to copy the HTML code you need to post it in your MySpace, blogs, profiles, websites, etc.

There’s one added feature to these flipbooks as well. In the dice, where it says ODYSSEY BMX INTERBIKE, you’ll notice two arrows (you may need to clear your browser’s cache and hit refresh). Clicking these arrows will cycle through all of the flipbooks uploaded for Interbike. There’s only 2 right now but as the day goes on, there will be more to come.

Also, check out B-Dubb’s Flickr Stream. He’s been posting up a storm.

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Purple Rain Colorway

Purple Rain Purple Rain
Purple Rain Purple Rain
Purple Rain Purple Rain
Purple Rain
Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing.
It’s time we all reach out for something new.
That means you too.
You say you want a leader,
but you can’t seem two make up your mind.
I think u better close it,
and let me guide you to the Purple Rain.

The following parts are now available
in Purple Rain, Purple Rain:

» Director Forks
» Lumberjack Bars
» Trailmix Pedals
» Hazard Lite Rims
» Evo II Brakes
» Monolevers
» Cassette 3 Hubs
» Grips (Berringer, Le Van and Griswald)
» Twombolts (not pictured)