Dreams, available Nov. 4th

Dreams - Available Nov. 4th

Terry Adams sent us an update today about his solo DVD. It’ll be available through on November 4th. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“This film is a story of my life as a professional flatland rider. I discuss my views on media coverage, contest, my love for flatland, and how I have made riding my bike a career. Mickey Gaidos and I set out to produce and film a movie that is structured not only as a flatland video but a story of motivation and how one person can make anything happen if they believe in their self. Taking your childhood dreams and making them come true is possible for anyone. I wanted to let everyone know that if you want something, you need to push for it and never give it. After one year of very hard work. Mickey gaidos and I are proud to announce that “Dreams” will be available at on November 4th. Please order a copy and truly appreciate a film that was meant for all of you to stay motivated, Ride Hard, and keep all your dreams alive.”

Click HERE for the new teaser and hit up the jump for the most awesome DVD cover you’ll ever see.

Terry Adams - Dreams