Bowling with Mike Aitken

Mike Aitken
Photo by brown town (Odyssey Flickr Group) has some great news. It looks like Mikey went bowling yesterday afternoon and had the opportunity to spend a couple hours at home with his family. He’s scheduled to be discharged on Friday! Read the full post below and don’t forget about the purple rain bike you could enter to win with a $10 donation (CLICK HERE).

Mike is pretty exhausted and anxious to go home, but is doing well. This morning he was able to walk up and down a flight of stairs without holding onto the rail. He was also able to hop several feet on just his right foot.

Mike’s voice has gotton much louder and less raspy, he practically has his old voice back now. His speech is also improving, it seems to be getting easier and easier for him to hold a conversation.

Mike will be leaving the hospital this afternoon to go bowling as part of his therapy. He will then get to spend a couple hours at home with his wife, son, and new puppy.

It sounds like things are still on track for Mike to be discharged on Friday. Mike couldn’t be more excited. He has been having a hard time getting any sleep at the hospital and is looking forward to a full nights sleep in his own bed. It will be the first time he has spent a night in his bed in over 2 months!

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers,

– The Aitken Family [11/12]