G-Sport Ratchet:
Available Now!

There isn’t a “cassette” of cogs here, just a rock solid one-piece driver. Every component has been designed from the ground up to be as smooth and solid as possible. The pawls and ratchet ring are oversize, and because the driver and hub both run on the famously stiff 20mm G-Sport axle, everything will always be held in strict alignment.

» 3 oversize pawls running in low-drag pivot cavities.
» 3 independent long-travel springs.
» Spring and pawl retention system ensures optimum alignment of pawls and drive ring, and keeps the hardware securely in place during routine maintenance.
» Oversize ratchet ring with square tooth profile for easy left/right drive switching.
» 20mm, hollow, helicoiled axles in steel (14mm bolts) or aluminum (3/8” bolts). All bolts feature a 17mm hex-head and 6mm Allen slot.
» 10 tooth chromoly drivers with a unique needle-roller and plain-location bearing arrangement for unsurpassed durability.
» 2 oversized cartridge bearings in the hub shell.
» Threadless, press-on axle collars.
» All hubs work LHD or RHD “out of the box” without special parts or complicated modifications.
Lifetime warranty on steel axles.
» 1lb 3.9oz

Just a quick bit of news; G-Sport Ratchet Hubs are in stock now and will begin shipping to US distributors tomorrow. We have the 36-hole, 10-T version in black, gold, white and high-polished.

To download a comprehensive technical rundown and instruction manual for the hub, click HERE.
Thank you for being patient, and we apologize for the delays!