G-Sport Rollcage

The new G-Sport Rollcage rim is shipping now. What’s a Rollcage? It’s a more affordable version of the Ribcage. How’d we get a lower price? Well, the Rollcage uses standard 6061-T6 aluminum instead of the Ribcage’s proprietary grade, and the Rollcage also goes without the Ribcage’s outermost reinforcing ribs for the spoke nipples – a feature that requires greater precision when it comes to drilling the spoke holes.

The Rollcage makes use of the Ribcage’s proven cross-lacing for improved durability and stronger wheel builds, and also incorporates a similar cross-sectional design that has been narrowed down to 34mm’s. Additionally, this section-shape utilizes thick 2.1mm sidewalls for impact resistance. You’ll be able to tell the Rollcage “by eye” because it has a groove that runs along the center of the rim.

The Rollcage is available now in hard-anodized black or chrome, 36 or 48-H, with a weight of approximately 455g. The rim’s ERD is 390.

We’ve had test riders on the Rollcage rim exclusively for over a year now, and it has proven itself time and again. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate it as much as we have.